Zelda: Legend of ‘Niamh’ Review

Hello Traders! As you know staff members here at TMI have been creating blogs and reviews for the past few weeks, pretty neat right? And now I get to write my own blog about my how my all-time favourite video game, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, changed my life.

My addiction for video games started after playing Super Smash Bros Melee for the GameCube.  I’d go to my friend’s house after school just to play melee for hours on end except I was always drawn to two individual characters, Link and Young Link; with their green clothing, blonde hair and pointy ears. I finally asked my friend, what game is Link from? He responded with “Link is from The Legend of Zelda! I have the games if you want to try them?” After this conversation we loaded up Ocarina of time and began playing, after hours of playing he then showed me Wind Waker. After this I was hooked. Zelda was about to become my favourite video game series.

Around a year passed and Twilight Princess (the 13th instalment in the Zelda franchise) was released alongside Nintendo’s new home console, the Wii. I really wanted this game, after getting a Wii for Christmas I only wanted to play Twilight Princess. I constantly asked my parents but didn’t have any luck; thankfully our next door neighbour brought me the game over as he saw I liked dressing up as Link. He said I could borrow it for two days, two days?! There was no way I’d get very far in that time. As soon as I started the game I was already stuck on the fishing section at the beginning, my older sister had to come in and help me get past that bit. After progressing, my Dad told me to turn the game off and go to bed. Niamh was silly; I did not save so I had to start back from the beginning.

And with that I already had to give the game back to the neighbour and I didn’t even get that far. More months passed and finally after coming home from school my Dad got me the game and hid it under the cushions on the couch. He got me to move the cushions so I could see my surprise. When I got it I was so incredibly excited, I played the game none stop to the point where I actually broke my Nintendo Wii. After getting a new Wii, once again I was playing it none stop till finally I beat the game. I was so sad it was like my world was over.  I missed the characters, Link, Midna, Zelda and many more. I continued dressing up as Link and began to make my own swords and shields. I wanted to become Link to feel even closer to the game.

After Twilight Princess each Zelda game couldn’t even come close to becoming my new fave.  Not even the great Breath of the Wild could knock it off the top. As amazing as the other Zelda games are, my bias will continue. I mainly think it’s due to nostalgia but the game itself is truly incredible. I highly recommend the game to anyone looking to get into the series.  The story is incredible and the dungeons can be quite the challenge, yes another dreaded water temple. The mechanics of the game are nice and simple too! Unfortunately my favourite version of the game in fact is the GameCube version which is increasingly difficult to get a hold of due to it rarity; however Nintendo did the amazing thing of making a HD remaster for the Wii U which not only improved the graphics but also added a few extra bits and bobs such as Amiibo functions and hero mode where you not only take double damage but the game is flipped to match the original Wii version (the OG Wii version was flipped so that Link was right handed to match that fact that most people are right handed). Now we can only hope and pray Nintendo decide to bring this HD remaster along with Wind Waker HD to switch! I really hope they do just so I can spend numerous hours playing the game again and try not to kill my switch in the process.

And that’s just a small part of how I got into Legend of Zelda! Still to this day I’m obsessed with the series and continue to dress up as the many incarnations of Link and will do so for many many years! Thank you for taking the time to read this blog I hope you liked it! ^_^


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