Welcome to the TMI Blog!

Hi there, traders! Welcome to our first official TMI blog post. This is more of an introductory post to let you all know what to expect from us in the future, but we can promise some exciting content to keep you busy when you aren’t in the store!

Christmas may have just passed, but we have a whole bunch of ideas for the festive season when it rolls around again. Expect to see some categorized Gift Guides, including “Game Gifts”, “Film Gifts”, and even “Gifts on a Budget”! We will even be doing a guide on how to set up consoles to avoid any disappointing issues on the big day.

Until Christmas 2022, you can expect to see some more generalised content. This will include posts such as games that are being released in the near future, reviews of new releases, and some more fun and ridiculous posts (somebody suggested Animal Crossing villagers that look like celebrities, so watch this space!!) We’ll also be asking each member of staff to pick their favourite film, and then writing a quick review and summary of them all. That will give you all at least nine TMI-certified films to binge on your days off!

We’re also happy to take requests from customers. If there’s anything in particular you want to see us writing about, just give us a message on Facebook or pop into the store and let us know. We’re always happy to help and welcome any new ideas you might have.

This is a new direction for the staff of Trade Me In, and we’re really looking forward to bringing you some new and exciting content. Stay tuned for our tailored gift guides over the next few weeks!

In other news...