Sims 4: Oh Feebee Lay! (review)

Sul Sul Traders!

Welcome to a new review; this time we’ll be looking at a beloved classic. If you love simulation games, a game where YOU decide the fate of your own creation, then you’ll love Sims 4!

When I got told I would have to write my own blog post I didn’t know where to start! I was going to go with a safe option of Life is Strange, but my heart always brings me back to Sims. I’ll never forget getting The Sims Bustin Out for mine and my siblings shared PS2, spending hours creating the perfect household just for my brother to come along and kill them all. Boobasnot.

I downloaded the Sims 4 when the game first came out on PC and played it none stop for a month straight but then got bored quite quick (I mean theres only so many times you can remove the ladders from pools to kill sims and MOTHERLODE to never have money worryies again). But due to the pandemic I found myself bored and decided with all the free time I had (badeesh lockdown!) to log back in.
The first thing I’ll say is custom content saved my game! Even though I have splashed the cash on getting expansion/stuff packs (I currently own Seasons, Discover University, Star Wars, Vampires, Cottage Living and Get Together I will go into a little more detail about my favourite pack Cottage Living further down below!) I still spend hours scanning through the talented Sims Community’s creations; whether it be hairstyles or clothes! It really adds a new lease of life to the game, making sims appear more realistic. Ooh be gah!

One of my favourite things about Sims 4 is the create a sim, and the vast amount of customising you can do; from choosing your sims voice, to the way your sim naturally walks to the intuitive slider tool (where you can grab certain parts of your sim and push and pull in order to get the exact size and shape you’re looking for) its super refreshing to see more realistic respresentations of various body types. And then theres creating your house, you can choose from the vast amount of inanely talented communty lots or you can try and create your own dream house from scratch! Whippna choba dog!

I’ll quickly talk about my FAVEOURITE expansion pack; Cottage Living. Cottage Living came at a perfect time for Sims fans, as Cottage Core was peak in popularity. In CL you get to create your own farm and create your own produce (eggs from chickens, milk from cows etc.) the charming gameplay adds a whole new dimension to the game and the market is ADORABLE! I don’t want to write too much and ruin the surprise but TRUST ME ITS GOOD.

I feel like if I go into detail about why I LOVE the Sims I’ll be here all day so I’ll keep it simple and sweet; Whether you want to join The First Order (Star Wars: Journey to Batuu needed) or create your very own cottage core vibes farmhouse (Cottage Living needed) or lock them annoying neighbours in a small room with nothing but a lit fire and a flammable chair infront of it (no judgement) Sims has something for everyone!

Dag dag!


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