Ghost of Tom-shima (review)

When Ghosts of Tsushima was announced way back in 2017 it wasn’t something that sparked my interest straight away, since Red Dead Redemption 2 felt as if it was right around the corner. It wasn’t until the game had been out for 2 weeks that I decided to pick up a copy after most other news outlets gave the game perfect reviews. Once I’d played the introduction to the game on Komoda beach I realised what I was missing out on! The game puts you in the Samurai boots of Jin Sakai, the head of Clan Sakai, who leaps into battle alongside his uncle and father figure Lord Shimura in order to fend off a deadly new foe, the Mongol Army.

Pushing back an entire army is no easy task, especially since Jin has a strict Samurai code that must be upheld. As the enemy grows stronger Jin is forced to make a difficult decision, commit to the ways of the Samurai, or adapt to the ways of the “Ghost”.

Combat is both rewarding and satisfying. Changing between the games four different fighting stances on the fly is fluent and really you feel like the badass Samurai you see in old movies. The beautiful open world presents a vast array of different side missions and scenic vistas all around Tsushima for you to interact with.

Speaking of which, the graphics are where the game shines the brightest. This is easily the best looking game I have ever played. Vibrant cherry blossom trees and flowing grass reacting to the games incredible weather system creates countless moments where you stop what you’re doing, whip out the photo mode and spend an extra 15 minutes faffing around with all the bells and whistles that the game has to offer.

This is easily my favourite game in recent memory. I can’t say I have played many Samurai games, but Ghost of Tsushima sets the bar so high that I can’t imagine anyone else can easily beat.



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